Dr. Tereza Hubkova

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Dr. Tereza Hubkova

Dr. Tereza Hubkova, MD, ABIM, ABHIM, IFMCP started her training in the former Czechoslovakia, actively participating in the Velvet Revolution that brought down communism in 1989. She graduated from the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague in 1995 as a Valedictorian and decided to broaden her education in the US. 

She completed her internal medicine residency in Framingham, Massachusetts in 2000, earned her Green Card serving as a primary care physician in Holyoke, Massachusetts, followed by working as a hospitalist in Northampton, Massachusetts, when she realized that traditional Western medicine only benefited people with acute conditions and emergencies.

Frustrated with the reductionist and short sighted Western medicine approach she started studying nutrition, herbalism, Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, acutonics, and integrative and functional medicine.  She accompanied the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers twice at their gathering in Dharamsala, India and South Dakota, and cares deeply about spirituality, and environmental issues. Having witnessed unexpected recoveries in the hands of these indigenous healers put her even deeper on the quest for root causes of disease and true healing. 

For over a decade Dr. Hubkova worked and lectured to clients from all over the world at the famous Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts. This is where she also began teaching lifestyle and integrative medicine to groups of physicians.

Maintaining board certification in internal medicine, she proceeded to get board certified in Holistic and Integrative medicine in 2014 and by the Institute in Functional Medicine in 2020.

She has written for the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine and Journal of Healthy Aging, spoke at the Integrative Health Symposium, Epic Functional Medicine conference, Brain Summit, Harvard Healthy Lifestyle – Tools for Promoting Change and Living in Vitality conferences and gets great joy in teaching lay audiences in smaller settings as well.

In 2019 she accepted an opportunity to lead a newly built Whole Health Institute with AdventHealth in Overland Park, Kansas, as its medical director, hoping to build more bridges
between traditional and integrative medicine. 
After three years in Kansas she missed the freedom of private practice as well as the mountains, she joined forces with Dr. Lan, whose philosophy, dedication to patients, integrity, never-ending hunger for learning more and attention to detail in her practice of medicine could not match her own any better.