What Do We Look for in Functional Medicine Testing?

What Do We Look for in Functional Medicine Testing?

If you’ve had labs drawn at the request of your general practitioner, then you might not have much faith in the conventional testing process. A tech comes in and takes a blood sample, and then you receive a confusing report telling you about normal ranges for cholesterol, lipids, nutrients, etc. Your doctor might even send a form email with general health recommendations based on your results.

This is not how we do lab testing at Inspero.

Because we’re functional medicine practitioners, we handle testing differently. Testing is the foundation of our personalized wellness programs, and we offer a range of advanced lab tests that dive deep into the intricacies of your health, providing valuable insights that can help us craft a functional medicine plan just for you. With our cutting-edge testing methods, we aim to uncover the underlying factors contributing to your health concerns, allowing us to address them at their root.

So, what sets advanced lab testing apart from the standard tests you might receive during a routine wellness exam? While conventional testing focuses on basic markers like cholesterol levels and blood counts, advanced lab testing explores a broader array of biomarkers, offering a more comprehensive understanding of your health. This holistic approach enables us to identify imbalances, deficiencies, toxicities, and other hidden factors that may be affecting your well-being.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advanced tests we offer at Inspero Medical:

  • Gut Microbiome Analysis

Whether you know it or not, the gut plays a crucial role in your overall health, influencing digestion, immunity, and even mental health. Our advanced testing analyzes the composition of your gut microbiota, identifying beneficial and harmful bacteria, yeast overgrowth, and imbalances. This information helps us design targeted interventions to restore a healthy gut ecosystem.

  • Pathogen Testing

Traditional lab tests often overlook underlying infections that could be impacting your health. Our advanced pathogen testing examines a wide range of bacterial, viral, and parasitic pathogens that can cause chronic illnesses or compromise your immune system. By identifying and addressing these hidden infections, we can help you regain your energy and vitality.

  • Toxin Analysis

Environmental toxins are everywhere and can contribute to chronic health conditions. Our advanced testing detects the presence of heavy metals, mold toxins, and other harmful substances in your body, providing vital information to guide detoxification protocols and minimize exposure.

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities can trigger a wide range of symptoms, from digestive issues to skin problems and fatigue. Our advanced tests evaluate immune responses to various foods, helping us identify specific sensitivities that may be contributing to your health concerns. By eliminating trigger foods, we can reduce inflammation and optimize your well-being.

  • Biomarker Assessment

Our advanced testing analyzes a range of biomarkers, including hormones, inflammatory markers, nutrient levels, and genetic factors, providing a comprehensive profile of your physiological state. These biomarkers offer invaluable information for tailoring a personalized functional medicine plan.

Biomarker Overview

You might be wondering, “What are biomarkers?” Great question.

Biomarkers are measurable indicators or characteristics in the body that can provide valuable information about our health, disease risk, or the effects of a particular treatment. They are typically biological molecules or physical parameters that can be detected and quantified through laboratory testing or medical imaging.

Biomarkers can exist in various forms, including proteins, hormones, enzymes, genetic material (DNA or RNA), metabolites, antibodies, or even physical measurements such as blood pressure or heart rate. These markers can be found in bodily fluids like blood, urine, saliva, or cerebrospinal fluid, or they can be assessed directly from tissues or cells. The biomarkers we focus on at Inspero go far beyond typical testing subjects like cholesterol, lipids, and white blood cell count.

Testing Informs Our Functional Medicine Approach

At Inspero Medical, we don’t stop at providing test results. That’s just the first step. We go a step further by utilizing these findings to develop a personalized functional medicine plan. Our expert team of healthcare providers carefully reviews your test results, identifying patterns, imbalances, and potential root causes of your health concerns. We take into account your unique health history, symptoms, and goals to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

Even if you’re receiving care through telehealth, distance is no issue. 

Inspero Medical can conveniently order labs to be drawn wherever you are. We understand the importance of accessibility and strive to ensure that you can benefit from our advanced testing no matter where you live.

Interested in Getting to the Root Cause of Your Health Issues? Work with Inspero Medical in Edwards, CO

Advanced lab testing offered by Inspero Medical takes a comprehensive approach to assessing your health. By delving deeper into the intricate workings of your body, we can uncover hidden imbalances, toxins, and infections that may be contributing to your health concerns. Armed with this knowledge, we can craft a personalized functional medicine plan tailored to your unique needs, helping you achieve optimal wellness and vitality. 

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