At InSpero, we get to know you! your body! your goals! your diet! your lifestyle!

Utilizing cutting edge technologies, up-to-date scientific understanding, and the wisdom of traditional medicines, we work together to help you reach your health potential.

An integrative approach to health care.

Conditions We Help

Mold & CIRS

Menopause, Hormone Imbalances & BHRT

Cognitive Health & Optimal Brain Function

Cellular Health & Regeneration

Thyroid Conditions

Weight Gain & Weight Loss


Histamine & Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Lyme, Tickborne & Chronic Infections

Wellness & Prevention

Cardiovascular Health

Inflammation & Optimizing Immune Function


Chronic Fatigue

Cancer Support

Anti-Aging & Longevity

What Makes Us Different?

InSpero Medical offers a unique approach to functional medicine by combining the wisdom of both western allopathic medicine and herb therapy with lifestyle medicine and innovative regenerative medicine techniques.

Through a detailed understanding of your personal history in combination with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and laboratory testing, we aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique health picture.

We then develop a protocol specific to you that utilizes a wide array of tools such as nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes, detoxification, IV infusions, peptides, supplements, and herbal & prescription medications as necessary to eliminate triggers and restore balance to the body.

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